Children and young people

What is our mission?

St Martins has a lively junior church for children of all ages; in partnership with parents, we aim to introduce children to Jesus and help them to build a lasting relationship with Him in a way that is interactive, relevant and fun.

When is it?

Junior Church is held in the church hall during the 10am Sunday service. Junior church takes place on all Sundays except when there is an all-age family service in the main church which are about eight times a year.

Who attends?

All are welcome!  Babies and toddlers are welcome to attend junior church with a parent.  Older children can attend while their parents are in the main church.  From about 9 years and upwards we invite children to start integrating with the main congregation if they wish to do so, perhaps by doing a reading, joining the welcome team or assisting as an altar server some weeks, and attending junior church on other weeks.  Once children have been confirmed they are encouraged to attend the main church service and there is also our Youth Group. There is disabled access to both the church and the church hall. Visitors to the church are also very welcome to join us. 

What do we do?

On a typical week, we have a short children’s service, followed by activities that link in with the week’s theme, which is the same as in the main church service.

Most weeks the children split into two groups so they can do something appropriate for their age. The older children may have a debate, act out a small play or other creative activity.  Activities for the younger children are generally craft-based.

We make a small collection (maximum 20p per child) which the children take in turns to take into the main church as part of the offertory.  Everyone then goes into church during the communion to receive a blessing. All are welcome to receive a blessing; children do not have to have already been baptised.  We then stay in the main church for the last part of the church service. The children are usually invited to tell the congregation what they have been doing in junior church, to help highlight the importance of the children’s activities to our worship as a church family.

Recently we had a lesson about The Potter and the Clay so the children had great fun making their own 'clay' creations:







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Mother and Toddler Group